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Chijioke Dikeocha

Programme Director

About Chijioke  Dikeocha

A media and communication practitioner, researcher, and strategic communication specialist with a major focus on development communication, Chijioke Dikeocha’s research interest focuses on examining and exploring the strategic approaches of stakeholder engagement, using participatory communication for effective stakeholder engagement, corporate social responsibility communication, and development communication approaches of national and international development agencies operating in Africa.  Chijioke has an educational background in English & Literary Studies (Undergraduate studies), Management, and Communication Studies (Graduate studies).

He is the founder and Mangaging Director of Farreach International, Ltd. a media and communication organisation that provides innovative inclusive solutions to organisations and individuals that promote human and social development in Africa through research & consultancy services, multimedia production and training. Chijioke is also the founder of Farreach initiative for Development Communication in Africa, Inc., a Non-governmental organization.  Chijioke is an editorial board member of some international journals including the Journal of Media Management and Entrepreneurship (JMME) and International Journal of Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility (IJSECSR).